Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is soon approaching on Sunday, May 8th.  Here are some gift ideas to help you in your shopping - and make sure to remember your Grandmothers too! 

Coffee & tea travel cups from my recent blog post you can find here

I posted about Ame & Lulu golf accessories previously here but they also sell great tennis, yoga, travel accessories and luggage.  Here are a couple of my favorite bag combinations:

A new J. McLaughlin tote bag which I posted about previously here

Beautiful jewelry, including a monogram necklace from the PRADMAN store on Etsy.  I got one of these gold necklaces with my new married initials as a gift from my sister and brother-in-law and I love it!  You could give a new mom a necklace with her baby's initials.

My mom loves fresh flowers more than anyone I know and I'm sure would like the gift of a monthly flower delivery!  Here is a flower of the month club gift idea from ProFlowers which was voted as "best value" by the Wall Street Journal.  You can pick from 3, 6 or 12 month options.  Or, another flower gift idea could be to get her this spring bulb flower garden which includes 5 tulips, 3 hyacinths and 2 narcissus from Plow & Hearth that looks like this:

My mom also loves shoes more than anyone I know.  Over the years, whenever I was unsure of what to get her for her birthday or Mother's Day, I went with shoes!   One year she had talked about wanting a cute pair of everyday sneakers so I got her these Puma "Mostro Perf" sneakers from Nordstrom.  That same year, we ended up giving another pair to my grandmother for Christmas since she liked my moms, liked the good grippage on their soles, and liked how their velcro closure made them easy for her to slip on and off - pretty cool for an 87 year old to wear, right?!  Last year I got my mom a pair of metallic Jack Roger sandles because they are one of my spring and summer wardrobe staple!

For any mom who loves sparkling water you could get her a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker from Williams-Sonoma: 

SodaStream Penguin Sparkling Water Maker

Here are some great personalized tote bags from Ballard Designs for the mom on the go:

Last but not least, if you live locally to your mom and grandmother(s), I'm sure they would love nothing more than the gift of your time.  You could invite them for a girls shopping/lunch day, to a day spa, to play golf, or any other ideas you have that would involve hanging out and treating them to something fun!  Or, if you don't live near each other, you can give them a gift certificate from Spa Finder and they can pick to apply that gift certificate at a spa near where they live.  Who wouldn't enjoy some pampering? 


  1. Thank yo for featuring us.
    Nicole Pradman

  2. You're welcome. So happy you found this post!

  3. Katie THANK YOU for this post!!! I ended up buying the spring bulb flower garden for Mother's Day and while on P&H bought the Kneeler/Seat as well! Appreciate all the good ideas!

    Nicole Gilbert

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