Aaaaaand I'm back!

Hi!  It's been three years since I last posted on Ins and Outs and Whereabouts, but I've decided to resurrect this labor of love and start blogging again!

One big reason I am excited to start blogging again is that PRG and I recently bought a house in the burbs, and this little blog will be the perfect place for us to document the experiences that unfold as we turn this house into our home, one project at a time.

To kick things off, here we are in front of our new house -- it snowed the day we moved in!

Welcome to Ins and Outs and Whereabouts 2.0!  I hope you'll come in, put your feet up, and hang out for a while!

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  1. Welcome back ! Can't wait for spring time projects and tips for suburban living. Tell me, any insights on bird feeder baffles to keep the squirrels at bay ?