Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

PRG and I are off to the Cape.  We are staying in Chatham for part of the weekend and, since we haven't been there before, my friend LJ made this amazing map for me!  She printed out a map showing all of the shops on Main Street in Chatham and gave me tips and pointers on what they each carry and which ones are her favorites!  This is so up my alley and was so thoughtful of her!  Thanks LJ! 

Have a GREAT long weekend, everyone!

{On the lawn at the Chatham Bars Inn - where we're having dinner on Saturday night}

{Chatham shopping map}


Our New Striped Chair!

Our new reupholstered chair has finally arrived!  Some of you might remember my previous "Statement Chair" post in which I mentioned the new chair PRG and I received from his mom after his grandmother passed away, and how she offered to have it reupholstered for us as a gift.  It was so generous of her, and I know it will be a special keepsake we will enjoy for many years to come.  After going through countless fabric books, we selected a neutral and versatile beige/off-white striped fabric so it will be able to fit into any room, no matter where we may live down the road.

Here is our new chair in our living room.  I really wish we were able to paint the walls to add some pizazz but, oh well, I guess that's one of the things you have to sacrifice in a rented apartment.  I put a few of our different throw pillows on our new chair so we could get a sense of which one we liked the best.  Which one is your favorite?

And, even though you can't see it, we have this light blue Bogart Flat Weave rug from Garnet Hill in our living room which extends to the foot of our new chair.  Because of this, the coral throw pillow is my favorite...it's funny how I always seem to come back to my favorite color combo, coral and blue!


Unique Belt Buckles

My friend CH was sporting the lobster claw and thought it was one of the coolest belt buckles I'd seen in a while.  I haven't bought one of these yet but I have my eye on the quahog buckle.  Apparently, JCREW was selling a version of the lobster claw buckle but it is currently sold out.  The buckles below can be bought here.



Kate Spade Sample Sale!

Check out the Kate Spade sample sale going on right now - great stuff for really reduced prices!


Citrus Centerpieces!

This past weekend I went to my friend SM's bridal shower.  She's getting married in June and I can't wait to celebrate with her on her big day because I know their wedding is going to be so much fun!

Her wedding colors are green and orange and here are the great centerpieces her sisters made using fresh oranges and limes - I loved this idea!  This could also be a cute solution for baby shower centerpieces.




As the weather has been getting warmer, and the making of summer plans is underway, I've had my eye on adding some nautical accents to our apartment.  Having a few sea-inspired accents would also maybe provide us with a little bit of a respite from everything dreary in the winter months.  There's no rule that says you have to have a beach house in order to decorate with nautical accents, so, I say go for it!

I recently noticed that Pottery Barn has a pretty good selection of some sea-inspired goodies and here are some of my favorites.  I've been wanting to buy a wooden sailboat figurine for a long time but I'm not sure where we would put one in our apartment at the moment...maybe that one will have to wait until we have a house some day!

{All of this can be found at Pottery Barn}


Another Great Mother's Day Gift Idea!

I'm banking on this week not being the first week my Mom decides to enter into the blogosphere and visit my blog.  A tad risky, but I couldn't resist sharing this cute gift I picked up for her this past weekend at my local Kate Spade store - it's an idiom bangle that comes in either normal gold or rose gold and is a perfect Mother's Day gift!  It has cursive words of wisdom along the outside of it which read "be kind, call home, say thank you, smile often, chin up, mind your p's and q's" and then on the inside it reads "mom always said".  I really hope she likes it!

Available at your local Kate Spade store.