Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

PRG and I are off to the Cape.  We are staying in Chatham for part of the weekend and, since we haven't been there before, my friend LJ made this amazing map for me!  She printed out a map showing all of the shops on Main Street in Chatham and gave me tips and pointers on what they each carry and which ones are her favorites!  This is so up my alley and was so thoughtful of her!  Thanks LJ! 

Have a GREAT long weekend, everyone!

{On the lawn at the Chatham Bars Inn - where we're having dinner on Saturday night}

{Chatham shopping map}


  1. Well be there this weekend too. Were getting married at CBI in August. Be sure to try the Impudent Oyster, a drink at the Squire, and enjoy the beautiful beaches!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I've heard the CBI is beautiful. We're excited to check it out this weekend! And congrats on your engagement!