Another Great Mother's Day Gift Idea!

I'm banking on this week not being the first week my Mom decides to enter into the blogosphere and visit my blog.  A tad risky, but I couldn't resist sharing this cute gift I picked up for her this past weekend at my local Kate Spade store - it's an idiom bangle that comes in either normal gold or rose gold and is a perfect Mother's Day gift!  It has cursive words of wisdom along the outside of it which read "be kind, call home, say thank you, smile often, chin up, mind your p's and q's" and then on the inside it reads "mom always said".  I really hope she likes it!

Available at your local Kate Spade store.

1 comment:

  1. Love love love love love this gift!!!!!! (and so will your mom) Great call KCG!! XOXO