Great Gifts

I know how hard it can be to try and think of the perfect gift for someone, especially if you don't want to spend a ton or if you're pressed for time!  To help mitigate the stress that can sometimes accompany gifting, "Great Gifts" will become a recurring feature on my blog where I share gift ideas I have come across as well as some actual gifts I have received to help you with your brainstorming.

To start it all off, here are a couple of cool map-related gift ideas I have received lately:

My friend MO gave me this "East/West" tote bag when I moved from San Francisco to Boston...brilliant! You can get your own map tote bag here.

My husband (PRG) and I met in San Francisco and we received this awesome framed print as a wedding gift from our friend MF - what a perfect momento to celebrate the city where we met!  You can order your own here.

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