Sunday Afternoon at the MFA

Friends of ours, ND and KC, have a membership to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and they invited PRG and I to go to the MFA with them yesterday afternoon.  We had a great day together and I really liked the work by one artist in particular, Jim Lambie.  He works with colored electrical tape in playful patterns and designs and, in the below MFA installation, he used cut up painted furniture and glittery purses on a wall - so crazy that his patterns are made of tape.  Talk about an accent wall or floor!

What I saw yesterday at the Boston MFA

Here are some other Jim Lambie installations: 

From the MoMA, 2008
From the Tate London, 2003
Courtesy Anton Kern Gallery, 2003
Also courtesy of the Anton Kern Gallery, 2003.  
From the Mizuma Gallery, 2006
This is an image of a Gramercy apartment that belongs to Tim Nye of the Nyehaus Gallery

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