Oscar-Worthy Kitchens?

Like everyone else, I was scoping out all of the celebrity dresses while watching the Oscars on Sunday night.  As I was watching, a thought popped into my head -- what do their kitchens looks like?   Kind of weird, I'll admit -- but I'm so curious!  We know their red carpet styles, but what are their kitchen styles?   So I did a little digging and here are some Oscar actress kitchen pics I was able to find.  Which one is your favorite?  Do any of these surprise you?


  1. I am now an official follower of your blog kitten - so now I can post on each one of your blogs! So first off only you would think to google what the kitchens of these celebs look like - to funny. But after you made this post I was very curious to read on. I am a little surprise by Haley Barry's kitchen - I mean a galley kitchen, pretty small - very underwhelmed. Does she live in NYC or something? Also I would just like to apologize now for all my spelling mistakes - I dont mean it :)

  2. Hi Care! Thanks for following! I too was underwhelmed with all of these kitchens other than Gwyneth's...by the way, Halle Berry's house is in Beverly Hills! You can see more pics from her house here. The rest of it is really nice but I agree the kitchen doesn't seem big enough for a celebrity Beverly Hills house! Maybe Halle doesn't cook? Who knows! http://hookedonhouses.net/2010/02/03/halle-berrys-5-million-beverly-hills-hideaway/ xoxo