Colorful Gift Ideas

Here are some colorful ideas to keep filed away...a little variety of things to keep in mind should you need some gifting help down the road.

I have to thank the Chic Geek blog for this great idea.  These are called Eco Chic Cups and they are re-usable 16 fl. oz. ceramic coffee and/or tea cups with silicone lids and sleeves.  And, to top it all off, they are dishwasher & microwave safe. 

Blue Floral ECO Cup from Amazon
Red Ikat, Blue Ikat and Spring Floral ECO cups from South Moon Under

Check out this striped Sharp Hill Designs "Grace" clutch with a bow that's both pretty and functional!  It comes in navy or red. 

I love these personalized monthly calendars from the Stationary Studio, and you can have your year of calendars start at any month you would like!  One of these adorns my desk at work and it definitely adds some fun color to my workspace.

Monogrammed cell phone case covers from the Dani Notes Stationary store on Etsy: 

These snap onto any iPhone or Verizon 3G phone to
protect and personalize!  Each one is custom-made so you
can pick the design, color, monogram and font of your choice!

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